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Welcome to Inglewood Forest, the most northerly Kingswood in England. Here common folk make their homes amongst ancient yew and oak, and the king sometimes passes his pleasure in hunting the game for sport with his courtiers. 

But while the king’s visits are rare, his law is constant. In times past the people of the forest lived on its bounty, but now licences must be sought to hunt deer, for the pigs’ pannage - even to fell trees - and the Warden of the Forest is no generous custodian. While ordinary folk eke out a living however they may, the Warden entertains nobles at fine feasts. Even a once-bustling village has been forcibly cleared to make space for the game to proliferate. 

Yet more danger lurks in the north. Reivers cross back and forth through the lawless lands on the Scottish border, stealing cattle and setting fire to farms. The Lady Warden of the Marches, Baroness Greystoke, sends out patrols to capture anyone suspect and extends little mercy to her captives. 

On this uncertain ground our outlaws find themselves, following in the footsteps of the south’s notorious Robin Hood and local hero Adam Bell, who with his companions Clym of the Clough and William Cloudesly once made these woods infamous for outlawry.

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Inglewood Forest is a setting compatible with Merry Outlaws by Trollish Delver Games, though it can feasibly be used for any woodland adventure.

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The guide features:

  • A point-crawl map of Inglewood Forest
  • Public notices of interest and import to citizens and outlaws alike
  • The cycle of the seasons in the forest
  • An Inglewood Herbal providing natural remedies for all manner of fictional ailments
  • Woodland and wildlife encounter tables
  • Notable figures and minor nobles of the region; lawkeepers and other dangers
  • A traveller’s guide to the area.


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